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Top questions to ask

Before you sign with any web marketing company:


         Ask them if they use automatic software to generate their meta tags or their submissions.  It should never be used and if they say yes, go away fast.

         Ask them if they create for you better than generic meta tags.

         What about page text? Do they provide you with some words to be used on your pages to create a higher relevancy?

         Will they be giving you a list of words that people are actually typing in to find your services.

         Ask them if they also provide you with industry specific links that they have listed your site with in their  service, and how are these obtained. Do they require a reciprocal link?

         Ask if you receive a report at the end of the submission.

         Ask if they will provide you with websites in your industry and/or location that you could contact to advertise with as part of their service.

         Do you need to pay a monthly resubmission fee, and if so, why? Actually, a site, when done properly, only needs to be submitted once, that's right, once.

         Will they always be around to advise you, to answer questions and will they charge you to look at a redesign you may have in the future.

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