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Packages Offered



Standard Package: Localized Target Submission: Website marketing is targeted on a more "localized" basis but     can still be found by anyone, anywhere when they are looking for your type of business in your location. Web site promotion includes manual submissions to around 70 search engines and around 30 websites, the amount of     websites  correlating to your industry and search engines can vary. Around 100+ submissions in total.


National  Package: Nationalized Target Submission: Website marketing is targeted on a more "National" basis, including some websites correlating to your industry.  Manual submissions to around 100 search engines and 100 websites depending on the nature of the business, the amount of websites and search engines can vary. Around      200+ submissions in total.


National Plus Package: Nationalized Target Submission: The difference between this and the one above is the       type of website this would apply to.  For instance, an automotive site would need to be in this because the     competition is so fierce and there are so many sites I can submit this to in order to "command" the search query      they would desire in their industry.  This promotion concentrates more on about 200 industry specific manual          website submissions and around 100 search engines totaling around 300+ submissions.

International Package: International Target Submission: Website marketing is targeted on an "International"        basis, including websites correlating to your industry located in other countries, submission will be done in the    language of that country. This submission depends on the site and should not be committed to until we have    discussed it. Manual submissions to around 200 search engines and 200 websites, depending on the nature of          the business, the amount of websites and search engines can vary. Around 400+ submissions in total.


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