Every day the number of people using search engines to locate products and services is increasing. It is vital for any business to establish a strong presence in the top search engines. It is not by chance that you are reading this. You want high ranking in the search engines right? Great! Internet Marketing by C & L Enterprises is a professional search engine marketing company, along with it subsidiary companies in web design, research, testing and development we will deliver those results.

We use a specific process that was created by an expert in the industry. This process has a proven track record for a site to rank highly and stay there year after year and with record-breaking years reported each year with only 1 submission performed. Our search engine optimization knowledge will give the search engines the right information in the right way that will allow your site to pull for those visitors that matter most to your business. We get strong results for even small companies to compete with the major chains for a customers business.  So by hiring us, you will be assured to be found by those potential clients looking for your business.


             Your company deserves proven results and a SEO company that cares about your success.



Ask yourself these questions:


*  Have you been looking for a way to make your website show up in the face of those customers looking for your business 24/7 – 365 days a year?

*  Are you frustrated with your competitions ability to be able to pull up on the internet and wonder why yours isn’t?

*  Would you like to improve volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines in the natural/organic search results?

*  Would you like to increase target traffic to your site and thereby decrease costs of other advertising such as cost per click, radio or television ads?

*  Do you have a great product or service but are having trouble, or spending a fortune, getting it in front of potential customers?

*  Even though your business may come up for a few terms, does it come up for all related terms that apply to your business in your area? How often do you have to resubmit your site and do you do it with respect to the search engines, i.e. no automatic software, but manually. How much time does it take you each month to do this?

*  Are you looking for an online marketing service that actually works?



 If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help you!



Our website marketing approach is targeted to your customers. We find the searches your customers are actually using. We focus our techniques not just on the keywords you would use to describe yourself, but on those words your customers use to find your type of business. They are different, and knowing the difference makes us the website marketing experts!

Search engines do not care how fancy your site looks or how professional your presentation is. Only that you have what it takes to make first page ranks for relevancy to your business and that your site can be read properly to make that happen. It is that simple, that basic. That is what we do for you.

Our SEO services specialize in highly targeted and focused keyword research, analysis, and writing. We attract the visitors that matter most to your business, and whose business matters most to you. At Internet Marketing by C and L Enterprises will optimize your home page and manually create a copyrighted site of Meta tags individualized to your specific type of business and location. What makes us unique is that we only do manual submissions. Our services will make your site search engine friendly, bringing your business site up on the first page and allowing your business to compete for customers. This is done on a natural/organic listings basis. So once your site has been promoted and you are on the first page, you will never need to do this again. Even though you can purchase online advertising sources, you can not buy natural listings in the search engines. That takes a professional with a proven track record of successful clients and one who knows the internet. Our professional staff has years of experience and a proven track record. We get strong results for even small companies, by taking advantage of the fact that most web sites were launched before search engine optimization techniques were used. We do not load your pages with useless lists of keywords or set you up with link farms that bring you uninterested traffic to your business.

When you consider other forms of advertising for example: in magazines or newspapers, at a trade show, radio or television ads, your business is only in front of people for a predetermined amount of time. In most cases, it is by chance that you reach all the people that are searching for what you have to offer. However, with a search engine, your web site should come up when and where someone is searching 24/7 – 365 days a year. So from a marketing perspective unless your site appears in the top 30 listings of the major search engines and directories you will hardly get any worthwhile traffic. Most people only look at the first few pages that come up. Therefore, search engine positioning is vital to your marketing success on the web.

The Bottom line is: By having us optimize your site we will help improve your website search position and rankings in most search engines. If your site doesn’t come up on the first page your competitions will. We only promote a few businesses that are targeting the same terms so contact us today. Start getting the results you want today.


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